About Us


Am glad that you want to know about me.

My name is  Ashley, I’m 35 years old, and I’m a former long time resident of Las Vegas in the USA. Currently am living in San Leandro, California.

As an beautician and a always look good enthusiast for almost half of my life, I’ve been desperate to remove moles and skin tags I had at awkward places.

Few years back NaturalMoleRemovals.net was created to document my journey as I used numerous solutions to get rid of ugly looking moles and skin tags I had at some embarrassing places on my body.

Although embarrassing, warts, moles and skin tags are a common ailment that many beauticians like me are asked about on a daily basis.

Today there are many options, natural, synthetic and technological advances have helped safer and result oriented procedures to become available.

However due to the cost involved lack of great results at workable price points many people don’t find them as an options.

Long story short, after dealing with my own moles and skin tags and helping other people get rid of theirs, I inadvertently became an expert on how to hide or remove them altogether.

I became obsessed, really…  Enough that I even wrote a book on how to hide Moles and Skin Tags with make up(yeah… I actually wrote one).

Anyway, since I’ve spent so much time researching, and testing out different treatments (and even about the cancer connection), I decided to create NaturalMoleRemovals.net to share my wealth of knowledge that I gained when it comes to getting rid of Moles and Skin Tags.

The way I see it, the more people I inform about proper moles and skin tag removal methods, the less likely people suffer without knowing what exactly they need to do to overcome these cosmetic problems.

My goal is to provide simple actionable resource for those looking for quick answers on how to deal with their issues. I aim to help provide a realistic expectation.

With that said, enjoy the website. I would really love to hear about your personal situation and what you have going on. Not only will it help me make this website better, but it’s just cool to know what my audience really wants me to write about.

I appreciate your time, you can contact me here.