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DermaTend is an organic product that promises to offer permanent relief from skin tags and warts in an effortless manner. DermaTend is manufactured by a reputed company named Solace International. Currently, the product is available in variety of different sizes and packs including tubes. The following in-depth DermaTend review will uncover more information about the product.


How Does DermaTend Work?

DermaTend works by penetrating deep into our skin. Upon use, it breaks down the bad tissues and dissolves them. It also boosts our immune system to get rid of viral infections that can contribute to the outbreak of warts and skin tags. The makers of the product claim that DermaTend can be used to treat all types of skin tags, and it can be applied on the face as well. Individuals are generally advised to use the remedy on another area of their body first to get comfortable with the skin tag removal process before using it on their face.

How effective is DermaTend skin tag removal product?

It has been observed that individuals who follow precise instructions experience positive results in a matter of 3-4 days. However, stubborn cases take few weeks for complete healing. DermaTend reviews and testimonials gathered from the Internet testify that most consumers were able to experience great success with DermaTend after trying out numerous other unsuccessful treatments. Many consumers have reported that they have recommended DermaTend to their near and dear ones as well.


  • DermaTend doesn’t contain any sort of chemical or synthetic material that can cause skin issues.
  • All ingredients included in the formula have received clinical approval.
  • Ingredients are found to be extremely safe and effective.
  • DermaTend can be purchased without a prescription as well.
  • So far, the customer reviews have been extremely satisfactory.
  • The makers of the product also offer money back guarantee to haters.



In rare cases, few individuals experienced mild side effects such as slight redness and irritation. However, these issues vanished by themselves rather quickly without causing any sort of permanent harm.

Where to buy DermaTend?

DermaTend in stores is a rare find. However, customers based in USA, Canada, Singapore, India, UK, Australia and other parts of the world can easily purchase the product from its official website, In fact, the surest way to stay away from individuals who are trying to scam you is to ensure that you purchase the product directly from the manufacturer. The company behind the product enjoys a solid reputation and it’s known to ship all orders promptly.

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